Fences and Advertising: Creating Hype with Temporary Fences

When business owners hire subcontractors to install temporary fences at their development properties, they usually do so for security purposes. There are other ways, however, to utilise the material. One out-of-the-box example is to use them as a marketing and advertising tool. By doing so, both the developer and the business owner can reap the benefits of additional brand exposure.

How Temporary Fences Create Buzz

A simple temporary fence with a privacy screen has the unique power of generating mystery to onlookers. Blocking the most important view of the site will arouse the curiosity of anyone happening by and continue to draw attention until construction is complete. Developers encourage this hype and leverage human curiosity by putting up creative signs to create brand awareness and spark brand retention.

How It Can Entertain Passers-by

Developers can also take their advertising efforts to the next level by entertaining passers-by in areas where foot traffic is high. They can hang a few signs on strategic areas of the temporary fence. Signs that show facts, history or humorous anecdotes are ideal when grabbing attention. They help visitors learn more about the future of the project and may eventually become the first few customers of the business.

It Works for Residential Projects as Well

The creation of hype is not just limited to commercial projects. Real estate developers can use temporary fences to entice potential buyers to consider checking out the property. They can post information on the fences such as recognition, awards and certifications that will make the property a more attractive investment.

While these ‘upgrades’ to the temporary fences may seem minor, it has the potential to attract a lot of glances and even result in an increase in business. Developers planning to attach a sign to the fence should carefully secure it with nylon zip-ties to avoid damaging the fence material.