Embracing Minimalism and Modern Living

Space is a valuable resource, especially today when every inch of it counts. With many people living in condominiums and flats, it can be challenging to decorate a home when you are keeping too many possessions. To make the most of their living spaces, many homeowners have adopted a minimalist mentality when it comes to design.

Here is a guide to creating a minimalist design for the home:

Only have essential furniture pieces

The first step to a minimalistic home is to have essential furniture pieces and few decorations. Simply Stylish Sofas, Houzz.com and Home Design Lover suggest choosing furniture in solid hues, such as leather sofas in black. Place a coffee table in the lounge and a wall-mounted television, so you do not need to add another table in the room. For the bedroom, essential furniture pieces are a bed, side table and a dresser.

When buying black leather couches or other furniture, choose those that do not look bulky, as a minimalist style features simple, delicate and elegant designs.

Choose Subdued Colours

Do you notice how a minimalist room have a calming effect? That is because this design uses subdued shades that are relaxing to the eyes. While white and black are popular colours, you can also use other tones, such as green, brown and tan.

Create Clear Surfaces

The secret to achieving a minimalist home is to have clutter-free surfaces. Avoid putting too many decorative pieces on tables or shelves. You may have to throw or give things away to clear surfaces, which is not always easy to do. Once you have built momentum, however, it will be easier to determine items you can let go of.

When it comes to flooring, avoid intricate designs and patterns, making your floor heavy on the eyes. Choose solid colours in cream or beige for a refreshing look.

A minimalistic home focuses on clean lines, relaxing colours and practical use of space. Do a home makeover and start embracing modern living through a minimalist mind.