Effective Communication and its Role in Maintaining a Positive Image

Companies and individuals need effective communication and networking to maintain, sustain, and constantly project a positive image. It is the key to success both in the personal and professional fields.

The method of sustaining and managing communications between an organization or an individual and the public is called Public Relations. It comprises of policies and activities adopted to create interest in an idea, a business, a product, a person, or an institution, among others.

Public relations companies are committed to promote particular interests in the people in the most favorable light. Their aim is to generate, by means of advertising and news, a beneficial image for their client who could be a private person, a business organization or cultural institution.

From Journalism to Public Relations

Public relations practitioners are normally recruited from the journalist field. Perhaps this is because journalists and reporters know the masses better than any other professionals. They know what proper media coverage can do.

Journalists who become PR practitioners are able to deliver information through media with more ease. They’re able to focus on potential customers, and with the popularity of web marketing, they’re able to directly target specific customer base, too. As small and specific group of individuals tend to share similar views, thorough research is needed to understand what exactly appeals to them.

Management Function

Research and surveys are necessary to develop strategies for presenting a coordinated message. Different audiences might need different messages to achieve the same goal. Often, opinion polls are conducted on focused groups to evaluate their opinion. At times, satellite feeds, faxes, and emails are used to distribute information on behalf of the client companies.

This field is seen as part of the management function of an organization, instead of a marketing one. This is because the message that has to be conveyed to the audience should reflect the goals of the organization and focus on their mutual benefits and interests.