Does your Garage Door Needs Repair? Signs It Does

a car entering the garageThere are a lot of things in your house that you do not often check because they are made to last long like you insulation, foundation, an even your garage. When was the last time you checked your garage? Can’t remember? You are not alone. A lot of home-owners forget to check on their garage doors and have it maintained which often lead to avoidable problems in the future. Do not be one of them.

Be an observant home-owner and know when your roller door needs repair from a Cairns specialist. Keeping these points in mind is important.

Signs your garage door needs repair

1. The door does not open or close

A door that does not open or close is a major problem. Rust, dirt, or just plain old age can cause this problem to happen. While it is best not to wait for this scenario, when faced with one, there is no better choice than to call for professional help.

2. Slow response time

This can be a type of problem that can be solved with a simple battery change in your controller. However, if your controller is functioning well, then it can be an issue of your garage door. Have a professional assess and repair your doors immediately.

3. Unusual noise

An old door can make a lot of squeaky sounds. Sometimes lubricating the right places can solve the problem. However, if the unusual sounds are still present even after lubrication, then there might be displaced or broken parts in your door that needs repair.

4. Sagging doors

A sagging door means your garage door is not balanced. This can lead to gaps in certain areas or a visibly uneven door. A balance check is recommended to be done every month to make sure your door is functioning well and does not fall off midway.

Have you observed such problems in your home? If you have, it is pertinent to seek professional help immediately before your garage door problem worsens.