Custom Food Labels: Balancing Creativity and Compliance

Food labelFood labels allow for easy identification of food products. With huge volumes of mass-produced and tightly packaged goods filling supermarket shelves, food producers continuously find ways to stand out and adhere to recent guidelines.

In New Zealand, it’s especially trickier to go about food labels, given that government agencies are quite stringent when it comes to certifying and labelling products, as well as distributing food products to the public. Health, safety and transparency are the topmost priorities. Fortunately, there’s still plenty of room for manufacturers to be creative with their custom food labels and still remain compliant. Here are a few ideas:

Customised Food Labels

Shelf appeal matters, especially in the F&B world. Both established brands and speciality producers can benefit from visually appealing packaging and labelling. Nowadays, the marketing value of crisp graphics and vibrant colours are undeniable, especially among younger consumers. There has been an influx of packaged goods, as well, that infuse nutritional information with quirky taglines to grab consumers’ attention. For instance, if you produce healthy and certified organic products, your packaging should also reflect your principles. In this case, reusable and recyclable bottles or eco-friendly packaging would be a wise option.

Simplified Nutritional Table

Nutritional labels help consumers assess if a product fits their preferences and dietary restrictions. It is very important to be transparent and factual when listing down ingredients, shelf life, certifications, health ratings, and additional instructions. However, you should think strategically when fitting and organising these details into the package. It’s crucial that you make these sections easy to read without compromising compliance. Always keep your staff up-to-date on the latest food labelling standards set out under the Food Standards Code.

Food producers are tasked with the big responsibility of ensuring food safety across New Zealand. Labels are there to help consumers make informed choices about their purchase. But, to ensure profitability in the crowded environment of store shelves, it pays to enhance the visual appeal of your products using customised food labels and creative packaging.