Contouring – It’s not Just for Make-up Professionals

If you are up to speed with the latest and greatest advances and trends in cosmetic dentistry in NW3 you will know that the word contouring doesn’t just refer to a type of make-up application. It is in fact the name of one of the treatments available for patients seeking cosmetic dentistry.

So What is Gum Contouring For?

For dentists, gum contouring is a technique that can be applied to alter the shape of patients’ gums. At RP Advance Dental this is generally referred to as either gum contouring or dental re-contouring. Other clinics may use the term tissue sculpting or gum reshaping. The procedure is designed to help patients who are often described as having a ‘gummy smile’, which is usually a reference to a mouth where gum tissue seems to be growing over the teeth making the teeth look smaller. This is something that can affect certain people as they age so it is a condition that develops over time. Some people suffer as a result of taking certain prescription medicines. However, for others it is genetic and simply the way they are and they either love it or hate it!

What Does Dental Contouring Do?

Like most cosmetic dentistry, the principal objective is to improve the appearance of a patient’s smile, giving them more confidence. In fact it is rare to carry out dental re-contouring for medical reasons. The way the gum holds the teeth – or the way the teeth sit in the gum – has a big influence on how we look when we smile. Re-contouring the gums can make the teeth look more level and also elongate them. The result is more even and perfect-looking rows of teeth.

To re-contour the gums, the dentist applies a mild local anaesthetic to numb the gums before treatment commences. The excess gum is trimmed away using a soft tissue laser to achieve the desired finish. The treatment is often carried out in conjunction with tooth reshaping. Once the gum tissue is level it may reveal more unevenness in the teeth. Tooth reshaping can be done without anaesthetic, using laser or sanding drill to take off a small amount of surface enamel.

So contouring is not just trending in make-up circles!