Why Having a Well-Maintained Lawn Matters

Lawns are lovely spaces of green that can serve as a place to have picnics or simply hang out. If you have a lawn, whether at home or in a commercial space, there are practical reasons you should maintain it. Enhances Community Safety Good lawn maintenance contributes to a community’s…

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Not Just to be Seated On: The Meaning of Chairs

Meaning of Chairs

Plato had mentioned the chair in his theory of mimesis. Mimesis, according to the philosopher, is art and how it is an imitation of life. Plato believed that an idea is the ultimate experience of reality. In his discussion of mimesis, he provides an example: a carpenter who created a…

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Pre-Holiday Home Inspection Ideas You Can Do

Winter is here once again. Time to break out the thick windbreakers and clean the furnace. It’s also time to prepare the house for the coldest season of the year. Still haven’t done the obligatory home inspection in preparation for winter? Here are some suggestions to help pace your inspection:…

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3 Types of Window Blinds for Your Home

Installing window treatments at home is a must to control the amount of heat and light entering your home from the outside. They also improve energy efficiency, ventilation and the visual appeal of your home. Blinds are one of the best types of window treatment. lists three common types…

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