What It Takes to Be a Great Caterer

Catering Business

Being a caterer is no easy task. You need the dedication to deliver the best possible service for every client to make them happy. You also need adequate knowledge and experience in cooking, marketing, customer service, and business in general for your catering service to thrive. Here are some important…

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4 Cool Uses for a Label Maker

Label Makers in NZ

We all know that label makers are nifty gadgets to have when branding products or assigning product codes. Remarkably, outside of the office, a label maker comes just as handy. It promotes proper organisation and can even help you not forget your car and house keys. Let’s delve. Food Container…

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Companies believe that they will not be held liable for tort claims arising from the work or negligence of an independent contractor they hire. The current trend in tort law makes this less and less applicable, though. The general rule that employers are not liable for torts committed by an…

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