Bluetooth is Changing the World, One Small Piece at a Time

Cords are quickly becoming outdated and businesses like Outdoor Tech can’t get rid of it fast enough. They’re advocating the use of Bluetooth wireless systems everywhere, and they’re not exactly lonely in their efforts, either.

Every conceivable industry is incorporating the use of Bluetooth or similar forms of wireless device communication in their systems as practical and cost effective upgrades to their growing and evolving business model. Portable Bluetooth speakers are examples of such devices that are allowing businesses to cut the cord and improve their efficiency in small but significant ways.

Imagine convening a town hall meeting. If the company employs around a hundred people, the size of the audience is too small for a full sized speaker system, but big enough to put a lot of strain on your voice. Bluetooth speakers are small enough to justify its use in addressing such a group, as well as being lightweight enough not to burden everyone else in setting anything up. Just pair the speaker with a corresponding microphone, and the meeting can begin.

These little things may not seem like much on the surface, but they do have a significant effect on the operation of businesses as a whole.