Ace that PSAT with Scientifically Proven Tricks

So, your PSAT is coming up and you are looking for ways to ace it. You’ve already tried staying up all night and barricading yourself in the City Academy library, but this is not just your run-of-the-mill classroom quiz. You have to look into science-backed methods on how to study for the PSAT.

1. Study When Sleepy

Yes, you read that right. Try studying before you go to bed. Instead of catching up on your favourite novel, read your notes a few minutes before dozing off. The National Institutes of Health reveals that the brain strengthens new memories while you sleep. There’s a huge chance you will remember what you reviewed right before you hit the hay. But don’t bring your notes to your bed. It is a distraction and you will have a difficult time sleeping.

2. Space Out

You don’t have to memorise your notes in one sitting. Try studying one chapter a day, and then review it before you start a new chapter. Spaced repetition is a new learning tactic that advocates dividing information into small pieces. Afterwards, keep reviewing it consistently weeks or months before.

3. Tell a Story

If you need to remember a lot of details, turn it into an elaborate story. For instance, try to build a story around the mathematics operations PEMDAS. You can say that Philip (P) wanted to eat (E) his friend Mary (M), but he died (D) from apple soda (AS) poisoning instead. The less boring your story sounds, the more you will remember it.

4. Write It Down

A study published in INTECH suggested writing down everything you want to remember. Jotting down your notes will make it easier for you to store the data compared to typing it into your laptop. Begin by redoing your notes into a new piece of paper.

The key to acing your PSAT is to complement your concentration and confidence with adequate preparation and scientifically proven study methods.