Academic Support: Tutors and their Roles in Helping Your Children Excel in School

Not everyone has the same learning capabilities. This is why educators have to come up with different teaching methods to address the needs of their students. But, even the best teachers, whether in a traditional classroom setting, distance education or homeschool setting, may not have enough time to devote to each student. So, parents hire tutors to guide their children and make sure they can cope with the learning pace of their fellow students. A tutor can bring a fresh perspective and target your child’s specific needs.

The Need for Tutoring

At school, the teachers have to deal with large class sizes and are not able to attend to the needs of each child personally. So, giving students extra coaching at home will help them perform better, as the learning tools can be structured to suit their specific needs.

Parents can help their children make adjustments, but if they have busy schedules at work, they can hire tutors instead. Progressive Home Tutors, an Australian owned company specialising in one-on-one tutoring, suggests getting experienced and qualified tutors to help your children enhance their concentration and improve their academic skills.

The Advantages of Tutoring

• These private teachers can complement the teaching methods used by regular schools.
• They can help students by teaching the lessons again in a way that would make them understand the topic better.
• Private tutoring will also help children improve their learning capabilities and be able to catch up with their peers in school.
• Tutoring also helps slow learners or students with learning disabilities to make adjustments, as these teachers are able to devote more time to them during their individual sessions.
• These private teachers can also focus only on specific subjects where the child needs additional help.
• Some students may need help with organisation or other skills such as writing essays and solving mathematical problems while doing their homework. One-on-one tutoring would help them concentrate better.

With private tutoring, students can look forward to learning without the pressure of competition or finishing their tasks on time. These private teachers not only reduce the anxiety levels of students, but also of worried parents who fear that their child could be missing out on valuable learning opportunities. The students will gain confidence, as they gradually adjust to the learning pace of other children their age.

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