A Parent’s Shortlist for Finding the Right School for their Child Besides the Academics

Knowledge is only worthwhile when applied in practical and real-life settings. If you are looking for a proper school for your child, find out more about what they offer other than its academic curriculum. Ask about the following when you visit any of your tentative choices.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Students can learn a lot through lectures but can also learn a great deal from their other interests. See if the school have its own set of extra-curricular activities and artistic subjects. Painting, sports, stage performances and other special interests do encourage respect and camaraderie between fellow students while honing their non-academic talents and creative skills. It also teaches time management, self-discipline and self-confidence.

Guest Speakers

Oversaturation can happen in a classroom setting, which makes it nearly impossible to get new information through to students. Allowing workshops, trainings and special talks inside the campus can make a classroom lesson come to life. A new face and voice expertly discussing a familiar topic can encourage students to listen, especially when it’s done in a more conversational manner or a less-academic setting.

Forums and Assessments

Is the school open to discuss issues and problems among their learners? Are you, as parents, allowed to air your concerns to the school management? Having a regular assessment and discussions with school authorities and faculty is typical among the best schools in Dubai, like the Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai. After all, learning doesn’t need to be limited to the curriculum after all. A learning institution should allow their students can air their grievances properly so they can do the same when they start their own careers.

No matter the method, it’s important to give it a dose of fun and newness. Do research on the school’s other offerings and activities while checking their curriculum and staff as well. Check reviews online and visit them along with your child. Ask questions until you are satisfied, and only then should you decide which one your little tot should attend.