7 Ways to Win Your In-Laws’ Hearts on Your First Meeting

outdoor family photoMeeting your future in-laws is a task that most people dread. It can feel like an interview you can’t fail. Most importantly, it can have a lasting impact on your relationship. But it isn’t as scary as you think.

Follow these tips and you can leave a pleasant impression on your future family:

1. Dress the Part

Wear your best and decent looking clothes. Make yourself pretty by getting a haircut and groom yourself properly. You want them to feel that you’re a healthy and mature individual who can take care of yourself and your partner. You must send the right signals.

2. Wear Your Best Smile

L.A. Dental Arts encourages people to see a dentist regularly. It pays to do it, especially now that you’re about to meet your future in-laws. A smile can communicate different messages, and you want those messages to be positive. After all, nothing can break the ice as good as a warm and bright smile.

3. Bring Gifts

Receiving gifts make you feel like you must reciprocate it with another gift or goodwill. Ask your partner for ideas. If your partner has no idea what to give, you can look for brilliant gift ideas online.

4. Start the Conversation…

Conversations would be awkward at the beginning, so prepare some icebreakers. You’d be surprised how smart people are once they start talking.

5. …and Keep It Going!

Have a list of topics to talk about. Ask your partner about their family’s likes and dislikes. If you have common interests with their family members, then talk about it. The mere act of asking questions tells them that you’re genuinely interested.

6. Get the Correct Mindset

People dread the meeting because they think they’ll get chewed out. The truth is your in-laws most likely are as nervous as you are. While it’s true that they might get inquisitive, it’s only because they want to learn more about you. Treat the meeting as your chance to get to know them better. Chances are, they feel the same for you.

7. End on a Good Note

Be sure to send them a ‘thank you’ message. It will make them like and remember you more.

These are few simple but effective tips for that important meeting. Follow them and you’ll increase your chances of winning your in-laws’ hearts.