4 Reasons Your Compensation Claim Could Get Rejected

Medic Performing First-AidWork-related injuries are almost an inevitable occurrence at work. However, some injuries can be a result of negligence, and this is where worker’s compensation comes in.

Before making that claim, Townsville lawyers advise that you look at possible reasons why you could get a rejection:

Interference from the Employer

Your employer could stand in your way of getting payment from your claims. The employer will either deny that the accident did happen or state that you are responsible partially for it. The only way out here is to get a personal injury attorney in Townsville who will interview the employer and a witness.

Wrong Timing

Timing is a critical element when handling cases that involve compensations. You should report the occurrence of the accident once it happens. Your department’s supervisor is responsible for filing the claim immediately. Filing claims late may cause automatic rejection for the insurance claim.

Unsupportive Notes from a Doctor

In a case that includes injuries, you need to visit a doctor for examination and treatment. The doctor’s notes are medical evidence, which can work either in or against your favour. Your doctor should indicate that the injury took place at work, an accurate diagnosis, and your treatment. He or she should also mention when you should report back to work. It’s hard to get payments for your claim if the doctor’s notes do not support your case.

Insufficient Evidence

Workers compensations only cover injuries that occur while you are in the workplace. You must also provide sufficient evidence to support your claim. If the insurance company suspects that the accident did not take place at work, your claim will be at a compromise. It is, therefore, important to gain sufficient evidence.

Getting a rejection for your compensation claim is not the end of the world. You can hire a lawyer to handle your case and ensure that you receive payments for that work-related injury.