4 Household Leaks You Should Guard Against

Home LeaksHomeowners are no strangers to the problems caused by leaks. Whether it’s coming from the AC, the ceiling, the shower head, or the planter, household leaks could bring about certain issues for the residents. It could cause water damage to furniture, present risks of electric shocks, or introduce mold growth on carpets.To help you avoid these situations, polystoneplanters.com outlines the parts of the house that are prone to leakage.


Planters or containers of plants shouldn’t leak. The water that you sprinkle on your greens shouldn’t seep through the soil because they need to get absorbed by the plants. Once a planter leaks, the dirty water could be difficult to clean.


Ceilings that weren’t built with quality materials could easily crack during heavy rains. This could result in rainwater seeping through the ceiling, which could be bothersome if the drops hit you while you’re in bed or studying with your books. Repair experts should seal a broken ceiling immediately.

Air Conditioners

Air conditioning systems could also leak. They usually have small pipes through which fluids flow to cool the air and the inner components so that they won’t heat up. ACs that leak should be fixed immediately so that the temperature inside the house would remain balanced and comfortable.


Showerheads can leak if the screws have been loosened. Like most household leaks, this showerhead dilemma could result in higher bills, depending on how much water is wasted.

Heads of households are expected to be vigilant and know which leaks to watch out for. Ceilings, ACs, planters, or shower heads should be monitored, so the earliest signs of leakage would be dealt with right away. Allow a professional to inspect and fix your AC once you notice any sign or problem.