3 Ways to Help Your Kids Overcome Their Fear of the Dentist

When children hear the word “dentist,” they feel anxious and scared. This is called dental anxiety, and it affects people of all ages. Adults have already been experiencing some degree of pain, so they have an idea what to expect when visiting a dentist. For kids, it can be a traumatic experience and the only way to ease their fear and overcome their anxiety is through your help.

Teach Kids About Dental Health Early

Tell your kids of the importance of dental health as early as possible. In fact, you can start making them get used to brushing as early as toddlerhood. Even if your little one doesn’t have teeth yet, oral health is important. Clean their gums with a soft toothbrush or a wet cloth every after feeding. When they grow older, teach them on brushing their own teeth and introduce them to a dentist in Arlington, VA. By doing this, children can develop a more positive outlook on dentists and their overall dental health.

A Pep Talk Won’t Hurt

Talking with your kids could be a big step in making them feel more comfortable around dentists. There are different ways to do this — read a book about dentists or introduce different dental procedures through roleplay — so they’ll be excited to go, rather than being scared.

Share Your Own Experience

It’s important to share your own experience when it comes to dental visits. You can prepare them by telling why it’s necessary. Assure them that though they may feel a little pain, the end result will help them have beautiful smiles and no dental caries.

Parents play an important role in making kids overcome their fear of dentists. There are many ways to ease their fear. With your help, they will overcome it and promote better oral and dental hygiene.