3 Things Your Mortgage Lender Wishes You Knew

a woman pointing a phrase on the paperMany aspiring homeowners find it daunting to find adequate financing for buying or selling their dream home. It’s common to see people frown when they realize that their dream of becoming a homeowner isn’t possible just yet. However, the availability of mortgages can bring some hope. But, you shouldn’t go into mortgage borrowing blindly. Below see some of the things that your lender wishes you knew.

1. Don’t settle on the first lender you find.

Think about your process when you purchase a car. You don’t buy from the first car dealership you visit. Instead, you go on a shopping spree to look for the best and the fairest payment plan possible. Similarly, when it comes to mortgages, you don’t settle on the first loan provider you find. If you want to find the best mortgage rate in Lake Oswego or elsewhere in Oregon, you must look for it.

2. It’s about you, not the lender.

Mortgages can be complicated, from the application process to its payment terms. A good lender should be able to match your needs and financial capability. So find one that’s patient and takes the time to educate you about their terms and conditions. Also, they should point you to the mortgage plan that best suits your needs. This way, you won’t feel overwhelmed or taken advantage of.

3. You may not need a substantial down payment.

Many aspiring homeowners believe that to buy a house you need to have a substantial down payment. It makes those who haven’t saved enough hesitate to apply for a mortgage. However, you should know that although it’s advantageous in the long run to put a hefty down payment, the lack of it shouldn’t keep you from buying a house. You can apply for government-backed mortgage programs that don’t require a down payment. If you don’t qualify for them, you can apply for other programs that let you buy a house at a lower down payment. Consult a mortgage expert or aggregating online tool to learn all your options.

Getting the right mortgage financing at the right time will be a significant step towards owning your dream house. And, your understanding of the mortgage market will give you an advantage when it comes to applying for one. With these tips, you’ll soon find a mortgage lender that meets your needs.