3 Customized Gate Options Worth Considering

GateSo you are determined to take your home’s curb appeal to the next level and have the garden, yard, and fence already sorted out. Now you want a great gate to complete the appearance. Well, if your space and budget allow, then you may want to think of a customized gate for your home.

Once you have found a capable mobile welding service here in Edmonton to work with, consider installing one of the following gates.

A swing gate

Swing gates are popular with many homeowners in Canada due to their ability to fit anywhere. They work wonderfully with both small spaces and wider ones. You can use a swing gate in a narrow path that leads to the backyard or fix a taller one to your high-security fence and use it as your main gate.

Swing gates tend to be quite affordable, depending on material and design.

An arched gate

An arched gate is a variant of a swing gate that adds some classical splendor to your home. It’s often used as the main entry gate and compliments straight pickets rather beautifully. You could add a bit of decorative scrollwork to give the gate more character.

Scrollwork evokes a feeling of the old world, adding aesthetic appeal to the gate’s appearance.

A rolling gate

A rolling gate moves along on wheels and is the best choice where a swing gate or arched gate will not work. For instance, if there’s a tree that would block the movement of a hinged gate, then you can opt for a rolling gate instead of cutting down the tree. You may also install one if you have a very steep driveway.

A custom gate is a great choice when looking for something that’s both functional and visually appealing. With several designs to choose from, you are always guaranteed of something perfect for your home.